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Bringing Innovative Technology to You

Row of dental instruments with screen showing x rays of teeth in background

You shouldn’t have to drive to the big city to receive high-quality, top-of-the-line dentistry. This is why we bring innovative solutions and technology to you at Texas Dental Excellence. Offering an array of advanced equipment that is designed to improve accuracy, ensure greater precision, and guarantee greater patient comfort, we believe in the importance of providing you and your loved ones with a more enjoyable experience. To discover the different types of advanced dental technology we use in our Stephenville and Eastland dental offices, read on.


Intraoral Camera

Dental team member holding a white pen like intraoral camera

If you’ve always wanted to see what it is your dentist sees when looking in your mouth, now you can! With intraoral cameras, these camera-tipped devices scan the inside of your mouth, capturing various pictures that are projected onto a chairside monitor. This allows for real-time viewing so that you can understand what is going on with your teeth and gums. Instead of just telling you what they see, Dr. Wade or Dr. LaDuque can use these visuals to better describe the reason for treatment as well as the importance of good oral hygiene.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Dentist pointing to a computer screen showing digital x rays of teeth

Once upon a time, traditional radiographs were the only way dentists could see beneath the surface of the gums. Requiring much of the appointment time to be spent in a darkroom waiting for these images to develop caused patient visits to be prolonged and uncomfortable. Nowadays, these are a thing of the past thanks to Dexis digital dental X-rays. In no time at all, we can capture images of your smile that upload quickly for immediate viewing. And with higher-resolution photos, we can see the non-visible areas of your mouth with greater clarity for more accurate treatment planning.

CBCT Scanner

C T cone beam scanner standing against wall

Whether we are planning to insert dental implants or perform a root canal, our CBCT scanner takes digital imaging to the next level. An arm rotates 360 degrees around your head to take hundreds of pictures that combine to create a three-dimensional model of your oral and facial structures. Using these images, we can manipulate and make adjustments, as needed, to ensure more complex procedures are carried out with greater ease and attention.

Digital Dental Impression System

Dental patient getting digital impressions of their teeth taken

While many dentists still use traditional dental putty to capture impressions, our team at Texas Dental Excellence is pleased to offer a more updated and comfortable solution – an iTero digital impression system. Using a handheld device, we can scan the inside of your mouth so that images appear on a nearby screen. Much more accurate and detailed than cold putty, this 3D model allows lab technicians to have a clearer look when preparing to fabricate your customized restoration.

Soft Tissue Laser

Hand holding a thin metal dental laser device

Traditional scalpels and sutures were once considered the only way to address issues related to the gum tissue. Although highly effective and still used by dental offices throughout the world, our team has decided to embrace the benefits of the soft tissue laser. Using advanced laser technology, we can remove excess tissue to create beautiful, uniform smiles that radiate confidence. There is minimal bleeding and swelling, and because the laser sterilizes while it cuts, it lowers the risk of post-procedural infection. By incorporating this innovative solution into our dental practice, you can expect a more enjoyable experience that reduces recovery times.

Cavity Detection System

Black pen like device in dock

Early detection of cavities is essential if you want to avoid more extensive and often costly restorative care. This is why we have added the DIAGNOdent cavity detection system into our practice. By scanning your mouth, the pen-like device uses a fluorescent detector to identify even the smallest hints of decay. Safe to use on both children and adults, this unique technology works to more clearly pinpoint problem areas even digital X-rays cannot detect. It’s easy to use and painless for patients, allowing us to stand by our promise in promoting optimal comfort.


Three small boxes with Oral D N A logo

Identifying oral and systemic diseases early on is important to ensuring better overall health and wellness. Now, we can do this with the help of OralDNA testing. As a non-invasive solution, we can collect a sample of saliva, which is then analyzed to determine if you might have gum disease, oral cancer, or other systemic conditions (i.e., diabetes). By determining these risks early on, treatment can be provided to minimize the potential of more serious health issues later on in life.

Perio Protect

Hand holding a clear Perio Protect tray

To better assist patients who are suffering from gum disease, we can incorporate what is known as Perio Protect. This innovative solution makes it easier for medication to reach areas that toothbrushes, mouth rinses, and floss cannot. Using customized trays and a highly effective sealing system, the medicine placed within the tray disperses into the deepest pockets, eliminating bacteria and encouraging gum healing.

ZOOM Teeth Whitening

Dental patient having their teeth professionally whitened

When preparing to whiten teeth, our team uses Zoom Whitening. This unique system uses 25% hydrogen peroxide to remove stains above and below the enamel’s surface. Once applied to teeth, a blue light is used to active the peroxide and speed up the whitening process. The solution targets stains and discoloration to produce a smile that is up to eight shades brighter.